Save The World From Boring Training

Hello, I have recently been attending a few conferencesand lectures. I am amazed at how much hard work the presenters make the participants do. A real bugbear of mine is when there is small text on a slide that people are expected to read. If every 50 participants at a presentation have to work for ten minutes to understand a slide, it equates to an average employees full day time (or money). If you deliver great presentation that everyone understands you save time in your business

Stories reach the places that ...

Andrew Brammer

Stories reach the places that … Power point presentations, Facts, figures and data, & random motivational quotes … can’t reach. Says Andrew Brammer. Storytelling is an essential aspect of public speaking; in fact it is arguably the single most powerful weapon in your public speaking toolkit. I am a great fan of Andrews’ approach, knowledge and energy to storytelling. His new website clearly points out why speaking in public is so important see

Navigating by a shooting star

Sheila Fraser Training

I recently saw a shooting star. I stopped and thought - I have heard you should make a wish; so I did. My wish was to see more shooting stars and other things that would make me stop and think. The technical term for this in training is reflection. I have been reflecting on the structure of my facilitation training. This workshop will be on 5 March and I always like to add in something new.


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