Telling Stories

Sheila Fraser and key speakers

It was the Robertson Trust's 50th anniversary dinner on 30th September at the Barony Hall, in Glasgow. I was lucky enough to be involved. I worked with the participants to improve their public speaking.

Dunna Chuck Bruck

Dunna Chuck Bruck sign

A few days ago I found some pictures on my mobile phone. I don't take snaps on my phone very often, so it came as a shock to find a photo taken in Shetland last year of a sign beside a litter bin that said ''Dunna chuck Bruck' (translated it means: Don't throw away your rubbish)

Meta Saga

I have been working with a new facilitation technique called MetaSaga. Kate Coutts, from Unst, Shetland, introduced me to the technique. She used it to design a leadership programme for school teachers. Kate says the facilitated sessions are about 'Discover yourself in the world around you!' and amalgamates metaphors (Meta) and stories that take you on a journey (Saga).


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