Sheila Fraser Associates

Sheila delivering training

If you are a trainer, how do you keep up-to-date with every thing new that's going on, find time to develop new ideas?

Sheila Fraser Associates designs training for other people to deliver. She has studied learning styles, oratory and cognitive psychology to ensure the training design is friendly to the brain. She explores recent brain research and crystallises this knowledge to create tools and activities that are at the edge of science. She takes time to ensure that activities are inclusive for individuals who require support with communication. The results are training activities that work and key messages stick.

"My facilitation sessions are now clear and focused. I was amazed how Sheila backed up the information with scientific facts and demonstrated clearly why we should do it a particular way."

"Sheila's training adds a 3rd dimension to learning' and ‘The session resulted in itself bringing about a high level of energy amongst the Board and staff."

"Sheila is an inspiration. She demonstrates how to bring colour and fun to any form of learning."

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Are there people in your organisations with great knowledge and experience who could share their skills?

Sheila Fraser Associates provides training support for your specialist staff. We train people who have never previously had an opportunity to teach others. With us your experts will be able to pass on their specific knowledge and skills to others, in ways that are interesting and memorable.

Do you know how to communicate a clear message and to present effectively so your audience remembers it?

We offer one-to-one and group sessions on presentations skills so you can present a memorable message and enjoy doing it.