Presenting a memorable message

New date  November 2016

Standing up, speaking up and getting the visuals to make an impact are key to this workshop.  Practical tips and hits to becoming a confident in delivery and getting the message to stick.

"I learned lots, but not that I noticed at the workshop – it was fun"

“My presentation are now clear and focused. I was amazed how Sheila backed up the information with scientific facts and demonstrated clearly why we should do it a particular way”.

Training non Trainers

Where do you begin when you have skills and knowledge that you want to give to other people?  Learning the basics of how we learn and how to structure your information to inspire and motivate others.

This course can be delivered one to one or in small groups.

"Sheila is an inspiration. She demonstrates how to bring colour and fun to any form of learning. Her techniques are imaginative and effective."

Find your way through the Quality Jungle

Introduction to Quality Standards and Frameworks.  How they relate to each other and how any internal standards map with other models.

Sheila Fraser's commitment to and knowledge of quality models and organisational tools is unsurpassed by anyone I have met working in the not for profit sector to date. Her wealth of knowledge of the subject and her boundless energy and enthusiasm as well as the support and advice she has given us have been key in encouraging our organisation to review the way in which we understand and approach quality

Boredom Busters

Lots of activities to liven up the boring bits of your training. This is a really practical cobweb blowing workshop.

"Best training the trainer event I have attended this year’; I was amazed how many new ideas I got from one training course"

"Sheila’s ideas are so flexible they can be used in all my different training sessions"

51 ways to learn on a budget

Encouraging people to learn in ways and styles that they like. Activities include 51 ways to learn; learn styles; writing learning plans and measuring the impact of learning.

“Refreshing, useful & very practical”

“People just do a course because it is there – this training material will help individuals set goals and link them to what the organisation is trying to achieve”