Find your way through the Quality Jungle

This works better as an in house event and I no longer run and open event
In house

This workshop will provide an overview of the various quality models:

EFQM, The Big Picture, Customer Service Excellence, PQASSO, Investors in People, ISO etc.

It will show what they can do to improve organisations, how they can complement each other and how their different elements can dovetail into effective organisational development tools.

Sheila will provide a down to earth approach to quality frameworks and lead you through the quality jungle with excitement rather than fear of where to go next.

Key Objectives

  • Define the main Quality Models
  • Explain the difference between quality standards, frameworks and performance improvement tools
  • Provide a language for managers and staff to introduce qulaity systems to the organisation
  • Explore self assessments and prioritising action plans
  • Decide which quality system would be most useful in a variety of situations
  • Decide which quality tools your organisaton could use to support the quality framework e.g. the balanced scorecard, six sigma, LEAP, SWOT /SOAR

A previous participant said:

"Sheila's commitment to and knowledge of quality models and organisational tools is unsurpassed by anyone I have met working in the not for profit sector to date. Her wealth of knowledge of the subject and her boundless energy and enthusiasm as well as the support and advice she has given us have been key in encouraging our organisation to review the way in which we understand and approach quality."

"Sheila makes quailty fun and engaging'

For more infromation or to arrange for this workshop to be delivered in house call 015(zero)6650953

£700 in house