Train in the Grain of the Brain

brain and bag with the text train in the grain of the brain
Feburary 2017 or contact me for an inhouse event
Carronvale Conference Centre, Larbert, Stirlingshire FK5 3LH

Do you want to liven up your training? Would you like to tell a short story that adds impact to your training? Do you want energise your participants? And make it easy for your trainees to learn? And get the message to stick? Sheila has studied learning styles, oratory, neuroscience and cognitive psychology to ensure the training design is friendly to the brain. She explores recent brain research and crystallises this knowledge to create tools and activities that are at the edge of science. She takes time to ensure that activities are inclusive for individuals who require support with communication. The results are training activities that work and key messages stick. Key objectives. Explore the use and power a short story or anecdote. Design activities that are friendly to the brain. Explore the science behind memory and learning. Participate in games that are appropriate for a variety of situations. To introduce activities, games and toys to a conservative audience. Network with other trainers and share good practice. And reflect on how all these activities can benefit the learning in your organisation. To book or for further information or call 01506 650 953

Limited to 12 participants