World Youth Congress International Action Projects

Civicus Group

This project aimed to fund young people from around the world with £600 ($1000) to carry out an action project. The young people all attended the World Youth Congress as delegates in August 2005. They submitted applications for the funding during the congress. The applications were scored by people from the following organisations:

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations
Peace Child International and Peace Child Canada
Scottish Youth Parliament
Lloyds TSB foundation for Scotland

Project 8, 12, 16, 17, 23, 24, 25, 27, 32 and 34 are awaiting final reports

Summary Information: International Youth Development30 KB
Project 1: Personal Evolution Project54.68 KB
Project 2: Tree in a Box47.45 KB
Project 3: Guitars for young street workers161.09 KB
Project 4: Don't lose your spirit55.07 KB
Project 5: Just say cheese58.82 KB
Project 6: Sanitary Centre for Paraje Galarza47.06 KB
Project 9: Indian Artisans making their living using traditional methods63.3 KB
Project 10: Dealing with Sandstorm67.79 KB
Project 11: Course to improve and fortalice youth leadership157.42 KB
Project 13: The Do you MDG Project70.58 KB
Project 14: Project Hope72.85 KB
Project 15: Children in Development and Nutrition80.73 KB
Project 18: Computers for Schools Kenya73.47 KB
Project 19: Reduction of Literacy level among orphans with disability994.91 KB
Project 20: Trees for Zimbabwe45.32 KB
Project 21: Battle against poverty by youth indigenous from Boruca via breeding farms30.33 KB
Project 22: The Challenge of the Future80.48 KB
Project 25: Promotion of younger self employment65.53 KB
Project 28: Working with young people with disabilities215.32 KB
Project 29: Youth on citizenship100.67 KB
Project 30: A stitch in time saves nine63.82 KB
Project 31: Community development through volunteerism48.48 KB
Project 32: Bridging the Digital Divide Final44.92 KB
Project 33: Screen Printing Cooperative65.71 KB
Project 35: Guinean youth newspaper60.59 KB
Project 36: The Georgian Volunteers for Peace and Tolerance140.15 KB
Project 37: Knowledge of Computer skills and Information Technology at a Rural Secondary School67.04 KB