sheila with toastmasters award

Exciting news! This summer I became a Distinguished Toastmaster, this means in the last ten years I have delivered 40 speeches and given a formal evaluation of each one. It has been really enjoyable. I didn't originally join Toastmasters to reach such great heights. I joined so when I applied for work that there was evidence that pointed to 'good communication skills'. The unexpected part of this journey was the leadership track that I had to follow, being peer assessed on your leadership regularly is not common.

The department of business innovation and skills published a report in July that states in the summary 'Ineffective management is estimated to be costing UK businesses over £19 billion per year in lost working hours' That is a lot of money when you can improve leadership at a Toastmasters club run by volunteers (approximately 7200 in UK and Ireland) at a cost of less than £100 per year each. I will let you do the sums!

We now have 13 Toastmasters clubs in Scotland and there will two more starting in Cumbernauld and Livingston next year.