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I have recently been attending a few conferencesand lectures.  I am amazed at how much hard work the presenters make the participants do.  A real bugbear of mine is when there is small text on a slide that people are expected to read. If every 50 participants at a presentation have to work for ten minutes to understand a slide, it equates to an average employees full day time (or money).  If you deliver great presentation that everyone understands you save time in your business.



My mission is to change these boring presentations, someone else that's on the same mission is Cathy Moore. See her short video Beware of the ferret! And she has never attended my Boredom Busters Workshop (no power point or ferrets!). I am going to offer her an honorary place.You can follow her on twitter on @CatMoore.




Improve your presentation skills   


 In 2013 I podiumdelivered more Presentation Skills workshops than even before.  My coursePresenting a memorable message includes how to improve your performance

when you speak in public and how to present using Powerpoint.

I am amazed at how successful this has been. I delivered five of these workshops in 2013, both in house and as an open training session. My next 'Presenting a memorable message' is on the 6thMay.  I don't want to turn away business, but you can learn to speak in public (admittedly I also cover Powerpoint presentations and how to make the message sticky!) by joining a local Toastmasters club. There are now 14 clubs in Scotland - there were only two when I joined back in 2000.  See Public Speaking Scotland to find a club near you, or contact me if you want to start a club in your area.



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The best ways to use an ipad?

I have now purchased an ipad, but I need to find out what I want to use it for.  Do you have any great tips and hits of how a trainer on the move can use this tool? I think I need an app to lead me to the best apps!

Please get in touch with me my contact details are at the bottom of this ezine.


Meta Saga at the Storytelling Centre 

I recently ran a Meta Saga at the Scottish Story Telling Centre 

in Edinburgh. Ten people attended.  Meta Saga is the great technique that gets people to engage with their environment.   



One of the starting points is the concept of the luckenbooths.  At at the front of the Story Telling Centre -The luckenbooths - were small shop fronts, they have been covered by new frontage now. In the Meta Saga workshop our technique asks 

the question 'is there a new front to your organisation?'  What is it covering up?  Does putting it on show bring more people to your shop/ organisation?  As part of the Meta Saga workshop I asked the members of the group to talk to each other for 15 minutes.  



Kate Coutts, who introduced me to the technique says 'Meta Saga is a journey through the culture, heritage and physical landscape. It allows leaders at all levels to engage in deep self- reflection by exploring their environment. It utilises a strengths-based, whole system approach to evaluate how they operate as leaders and the performance of the organisation they lead'. If you need a technique to help people appreciate their surroundings (or objects) then try Meta Saga.  

Where to see me 


April 12 - Scotland's International Speech competition for Toastmasters International - Edinburgh


April 17 and 18 - opening of the Kelpies an M9 spectacular


May 6 - Carronvale House, Near Falkirk. 

Carronvale House near Falkirk
Carronvale House near Falkirk

My workshop 'Presenting a memorable message' - only three spaces left, I told you it was popular.


May 9 - 11 - Belfast for lunch and Dublin for tea! And meeting some fab girls, for a wee glass of wine on route. And going to the District 71 Toastmasters conference.