True Dream Or Not True Dream?

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True dream or not true dream?  




I participated and won the Area 30 (South East of Scotland) Toastmasters humourous speech competition. The title was 'True dream or not true dream' and was about my very recent experience of being in hospital. If you would like a copy of the speech please get in touch. I am not allowed to put it in the public domain because I am now through to the next round of the competition!


There are now lots of Toastmasters Clubs in Scotland. If you are interested in improving your public -speaking in a safe and friendly environment. For local Toastmasters clubs check out the Toastmasters UK websitehere


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 Presentation Skills workshop with a great lunch!

My next training workshop isPresentation Skills - which will take place at Carronvale House in Labert - near Falkirk on the 6 November.  Carronvale already offered a great lunch but they have recently added in some fabulous new puddings. Food was already great, but th

toffee slice!

is will be a bonus. Whenever I have run workshops at Carronvale before the evaluation sheets from participants always had comments about how lovely the lunch was. Now lunch will be even better when you do my courses at Carronvale!

Shut up and listen and win
This blog post demonstrates how you can overcome resistance. Click here to read it. 

Brain-Friendly Network

At the end of September, I  travelled to a Brain-friendly network meeting in Newcastle. This was arranged by Stella Collins of Stellar Learning.


It would be great if we could set up a similar group in Scotland.

If you are interested in getting involved either get in touch with me or get in touch with Stella Collins directly.


Watch a video on

how to be a brain-friendly trainer. 

How to get started with Google Analytics  


This is a great video guide to get you started with using the great tool Google Analytics, to see who is visiting your website More tips are given in the video on how to monitor your website and understand what your clients are looking for.


Click here to watch the video

Solutions more effective than targets
Mike Bell puts the point that problem-solving works better than being driven by targets. I would take that further and say finding solutions is more effective than being


target-driven. This is  the 'what works' part of the appreciative inquiry model.


What do you think? Watch Mike Bell here. 

clear fearA new fun game to overcome anxiety
There is a new game being developed by Martin Webber to help people overcome social anxiety.  Players of the game become their own superhero. Read more about it here.

Designing your training 
Do you write your training material first or do you design them? I design them first and then write down notes when I know what I am going to include in the training. I find it is easier to change the structure in my head than on paper. I design a lot of training materials for other people to deliver so this maybe why I compile the training this way. We are all different though, so how do you put your training materials together?
Please let me know by getting in touch with me. My contact details are at the bottom of this ezine.


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13 Toastmasters humourous speech contest -Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre - performing my speech 'True dream or not true dream'


21 Funding Fair - Stirling




Presentation skills - improve your presentation with this workshop

8  Rethinking the economy - SCVO Glasgow




17 Boredom busters-Liven up your training for 2014



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Sheila Fraser Associates designs training for other people to deliver. She has studied learning styles, oratory and cognitive psychology to ensure the training design is friendly to the brain. She explores recent brain research and crystallises this knowledge to create tools and activities that are at the edge of science. She takes time to ensure that activities are inclusive for individuals who require support with communication. The results are training activities that work and key messages stick. 
From participants: 
"Sheila is an inspiration. She demonstrates how to bring colour and fun to any form of learning." 
"My facilitation sessions are now clear and focused. I was amazed how Sheila backed up the information with scientific facts and demonstrated clearly why we should do it a particular way."  
"Sheila's training adds a 3rd dimension to learning."
"The session resulted in itself bringing about a high level of energy amongst the Board and staff." 
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